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Water for Injection Stills - WFI

With Freestead Process Technology as your Pharmaceutical Engineering Partner, you gain immediate access to our specialist knowledge about WFI stills (Multi Effect Stills MES and Single Effect Stills SES) and their application for the production of WFI under United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), British Pharmacopoeia (BP), current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), EU and other standards.

WFI Stills - the benefits when Freestead handles your servicing

From Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) to Site Acceptance Tests (SATs), ongoing routine and preventative maintenance, you’ll benefit from our experience with this Process Equipment. Irrespective of supplier or manufacturer we can maintain your WFI Still. You can be sure that we will always plan and undertake servicing with full consideration of upstream and downstream systems such as feed water provision which can, of course, influence the quality of the resultant WFI.

Freestead Process Technology supplies the following range of services:

Is your WFI Stills maintenance documentation up to scratch, fully traceable, accurate and ready to satisfy your validation department or your next regulatory body inspection? If Freestead is already looking after your plant, you’ll probably know about our renowned attention to detail and accurate record keeping. If not? Maybe it’s time to make the change…

What makes Freestead different?

What makes Freestead different? Length and depth of experience with WFI Stills in the UK, Ireland and Europe is just part of the answer. From FATs and SATs to your next scheduled servicing, low staff turnover, shared ownership of your pharmaceutical engineering challenges and commitment to long-term relationships provide the confidence and performance you expect from your equipment servicing partner.

We won’t just look at your WFI Stills in isolation. Instead, we’ll always use our experience to understand the systems and their interaction with your other processes, using knowledge and years of pharmaceutical engineering experience to save time and money by pre-empting the issues that a less experienced contractor might miss.

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