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The performance of an Autoclave or an SIP System ultimately depends upon the quality of the services supplied. Pure Steam is the most critical of these services and the quality must be controlled to guarantee sterilisation. Current standards specify that, when condensed, the pure steam must meet the requirements for WFI. The standards also recommend appropriate level of Dryness, Superheat and Non-Condensable Gases, which must be determined and complied with, in order to meet the relevant standards including HTM 2010.

Experienced in Steam Quality Testing

Our engineers fully understand the requirements and standards for Pure Steam within the Pharmaceutical industry, therefore, we are fully qualified to carry out Steam Quality Testing on a regular basis or if required investigate steam quality problems on specific systems.

When the highest possible standards of pure steam and clean steam generation are required, you can draw reassurance from our years of experience working within the stringent requirements laid down by the regulatory bodies.

Meeting Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) standards

Freestead will carry out on site Steam Quality Testing in accordance to HTM 2010 and HTM 2031 including the following tests:

  • Non-condensable gases
  • Dryness
  • Super Heat

In addition if required we can take samples of your condensed Pure Steam for analysis to ensure the condensate meets the requirements for WFI.

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