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Servicing to GMP Guidelines

At Freestead, we understand how, when you want to keep your Quality Assurance Department satisfied, pass your next regulatory body inspection or keep manufacturing in production on your site, you need more than just ‘servicing’ for your Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology Process Equipment.

All Freestead customers that use our services benefit from traceability standards and procedures which exceed the industry standards.

Servicing to GMP guidelines?

For a start, we always write a site and equipment specific service procedure. Not everybody does, and few go to the levels of detail that Freestead will. We do it so you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly what has been done, and that it is fully traceable and documented. If it’s not been written down, it has not been done.

Prior to commencement of work the equipment or system is signed over to your Freestead servicing team - we take responsibility.
We always carry out a fully documented pre-service performance and verification check - you get a performance benchmark.
Each service procedure provides the reassurance of step-by-step signed verification of work done and materials used.

Traceability certification of all materials used.
All test equipment used by your Freestead engineer has current calibration certificates. Post Service re-qualification and performance testing carried out and recorded. On successful completion of the service work, our engineer will sign the equipment or system back to you.

Peace of mind, reassurance,
traceability and continued

It all adds up to peace of mind for you and your team, reassurance of inspection compliance, complete traceability and continued productivity. And you thought it was just ‘preventative maintenance’?

No matter what task we are asked to carry out, from a routine service to a complex upgrade, every Freestead job is fully documented to give you an accurate and reliable paper trail. While the likelihood is you won’t need to draw on this resource, what price the knowledge that, if required, you can.

Freestead gives you this reassurance.

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GMP Servicing and Technical Support for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries

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