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Sanitary Heat Exchangers and POU Systems

Your Pharmaceutical Sanitary Heat Exchangers specifically designed for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sectors pose a special servicing challenge. As special sanitary heat exchangers, they’re designed to meet the stringent requirements of the FDA, TEMA, cGMP’s, ASME, BPE and 3-A standards.

Years of proven experience with Sanitary Heat Exchangers

Naturally, you’ll benefit from our years of proven experience with the installation, maintenance and servicing of sanitary heat exchangers, including shell & tube and double plate & frame, meeting the required standards. It’s what we do for discerning pharmaceutical professionals with responsibility for processes including:

  • Instantaneous heating or cooling of sterile product
  • Maintaining your product temperature
  • Point-of-Use (POU) cooling or heating
  • CIP fluid heating or cooling
  • Re-circulated batch cooling or heating
  • Condensing and sub-cooling of pure/clean steam

Maintaining your Sanitary Heat Exchangers - another good reason for a partnership with Freestead

Maintaining the reliability of specialised equipment requires particular experience, attention to detail and pharmaceutical engineering expertise. Whether it’s a double tubesheet shell & tube application for contamination protection, easy leak detection and fully drainable, or an exchanger for straightforward in-situ heating or cooling, our experience with heat exchangers is another good reason for a partnership with Freestead Process Technology.

What makes Freestead different?

What makes Freestead different? We won’t just look at your Sanitary Heat Exchangers in isolation. Instead, we’ll always use our experience to understand the systems and their interaction with your other processes. Shared ownership of your Pharmaceutical engineering challenges and commitment to long-term relationships provide the confidence and performance you expect from your equipment-servicing partner.

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GMP Servicing and Technical Support for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries

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