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Lyophilisers / Freeze Dryers

With the latest developments in Pharmaceutical process technology the reliability of Lyophilisers / Freeze Dryers has never been more important. As with any component in your manufacturing process, unplanned downtime or an unnecessary emergency can have massive consequences for your reputation and profitability.

Lyophilisers / Freeze Dryers - the benefits when Freestead handles your servicing

From Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) to Site Acceptance Tests (SATs), ongoing routine and preventative maintenance, you’ll benefit from our experience with this Process Equipment. Irrespective of supplier or manufacturer we can maintain your Lyophilisers. You can be sure that we will always plan and undertake servicing with full consideration of upstream and downstream systems.

Services that we can provide include:

From small scale pilot plant systems to full scale production units, control systems and associated SIP and CIP systems, your dedicated Freestead engineer will reliably and efficiently care for your Lyophilisers - you just enjoy the peace of mind that comes from product moving out of the door and a satisfied validation department.

What makes Freestead different?

What makes Freestead different? Length and depth of experience with Lyophilisers /Freeze Dryers and associated SIP and CIP systems is just part of the answer. From performance testing and re-qualification to your next scheduled service, shared ownership of your Pharmaceutical engineering challenges and commitment to long-term relationships provide the confidence and performance you expect from your equipment servicing partner.

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