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Autoclaves and Steam Sterilisers

You know that profitable, worry-free operation of Pharmaceutical Autoclaves and Steam Sterilisers doesn’t stop with sound design and successful FATs and SATs.

Continued reliability is only as good as the quality of servicing you choose

From the simplest installation to a sophisticated SCADA controlled system with advanced operator interface to CFR 21 Part 11, the continued reliability of your Autoclaves and Sterilisers is only as good as the quality of servicing throughout the whole life of your equipment.

Not all contractors have the full range of experience, cross-technology expertise and fastidious attention to detailed maintenance records as Freestead. As our existing satisfied customers will verify (we never have bad references), it’s a distinction that can mean the difference between continued production and costly unscheduled downtime - and the protection of your reputation as someone who always delivers.

Site specific preventative maintenance for your Autoclaves and Steam Sterilisers

What are the special challenges of you’re Autoclaves and Sterilisers? Vertical sliding door Sterilisers, single-door or double-door pass-through or high capacity pit mounted horizontal sliding door chamber machines, incorporating, for example, fluid cycles, porous load cycles? As an experienced pharmaceutical engineering professional, you understand how they all present their particular service and maintenance challenges. That’s why, as your appointed service partner, we’ll protect your valuable Autoclave or Steriliser applications with a site-specific preventative maintenance programme, fully documented for regulatory body compliance and backed up by the reassurance of a genuine 24/7/365 call-out service.

What makes Freestead different?

What makes Freestead different? Length and depth of experience with Autoclaves / Sterilisers is just part of the answer. From performance testing and re-qualification to your next scheduled service, shared ownership of your Pharmaceutical engineering challenges and commitment to long-term relationships provide the confidence and performance you expect from your equipment servicing partner.

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