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Customers like you benefit because Freestead has developed into one of the leading Independent suppliers of GMP Servicing for High Quality Process Equipment and Systems to the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries. For your reassurance, we already help businesses like yours save time, money and avoid worry in the following areas:

Existing customers tell us it’s easy to pick a single word to describe our working relationship - and hard, because there are so many possibilities. Commitment, reliability, trusted and responsive come up frequently; so do proactive, systematic, friendly and cost-effective. We always encourage prospective customers like you to call an existing customer for a reference - don’t be surprised when you find that they’ve always got a good word for us.

Enduring relationships with process technology professionals like you

For nearly 40 years, Freestead Process Technology has provided peace of mind to engineers and buyers in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries. A true partnership, attention to detail and a reputation for always delivering above and beyond what we promise has successfully built hundreds of enduring relationships with professionals like you. We don’t just deliver preventative maintenance, Process Equipment servicing and high-quality technical advice: customers like you enjoy the peace of mind and demonstrable cost-effectiveness that keeps the billion-pound Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry in operation.

The Service we provide Includes:

Trusted by leading Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology businesses

We share your commitment to your business. Proactive servicing and technical support is our business and our life too: that’s why many of the world’s leading Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology businesses already trust us. When unplanned shutdowns can cost millions, our customers appreciate our attention to detail, records traceability, and sheer understanding of Biotechnology and Pharma plant and processes. You wouldn’t expect anything else after nearly 40 years in the business.

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GMP Servicing and Technical Support for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries

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